Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bears At Wembley

Absolutely gutted to have missed the Bears at Wembley, though I have spent a very pleasant couple of weeks in the US on business. I did manage to catch the game in a bar called Jocks and Jills in Charlotte, NC.

And very nice it was too. Couple of beers, chicken wings and nachos to help the day pass (and I captured City's victory over United over the PC)

The game against the Bucs was okay, though I must admit I did get distracted by what was happening on the 47 other screens they had there.

The one thing that stood out was how much better we look when we run the ball. They talk about the teams identity - well it simple. And to quote Lovie Smith - we get off the bus running. Now I almost think that we let the Bucs back into by throwing the ball too much in the second half.

And a message to Jerry - not that he'll read this blog - pay Matt Forte NOW! Imagine what the offence would be like without the guy? No I don't want to think about it either.


eddie king said...

I saw yesterday that the Bears paid Matt Garza, who is worth it, but not Matt Fote, who any other of the NFL 31 teams would like to have this All Pro RB on their team. The McCaskey's have been as cheep as Papa Bear George Halas.

mancunian said...

Nothing seems to change regardless who hold's the purse strings.
I've said all season we should pay Forte, but I get the feeling he'll be franchise tagged and we'll sort out a deal for 2013.